Goodbye Summer

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Hello everyone!
Hopefully, you are enjoying your day. Here in London is soooo rainy. All weekend week. Well, at least it makes me slow down a little bit, focuses on myself, and do some Instagram and blog job.

Looking from the window makes me realize, that there is no summer anymore and there is a time to say goodbye. Let’s be honest, it wasn’t the best summer of my life, but there were days which I enjoyed even I wasn’t able to travel outside the country.

I would like to share some of the memories with you and hopefully, it will inspire you to see another place around London.

Salisbury and Durdle Door

Yes, I explored another beach in the UK. And I am grateful for that because at the beginning of the day was cold and rainy, so it looked like we will have to go another day. First, we decided to go to a town nearby, which is called Salisbury.

This really lovely town is full of beautiful houses and nature. Let me show you a picture which I took in the park, where we had a small lunch.

Isn’t it beautiful?

Later on, when the weather got even better we moved to the beach, which is around one hour from Salisbury and three hours from London by car.

Seven Sisters Cliffs

is another beautiful beach place near to London. I already wrote a separate post about it, so you can have a look at one of my previous articles.

The Hill Garden and Pergola

it’s actually placed in the center of London but I explored it just about one month ago when the weather was still sunny and warm. It’s a place which is beautiful all four seasons when it’s hot when it’s filled with autumn leaves and also covered in snow. It’s also a beautiful spot for pictures, so if you are thinking about where to make wedding pictures or maybe some gender reveal pictures, I highly recommend this place.

And that’s all for today’s article. If you want to see more breathtaking places, make sure to follow my Instagram, where I share my tips where to go and what to visit in the UK or abroad.

Have a nice day everyone! Speak to you soon!

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